CI · BI · HI · EI Naming

It is a strategic design integration work that aims to communicate the business philosophy and goals of the corporation to the inside and outside the company properly and make the management environment desirable.
Successful identities are the most effective means of adapting more flexibly to rapidly changing market environments, differentiating them from others, and enabling consumers to feel and trust their value.
C.I (company logo) / B.I (brand logo, Naming (trade name and trademark naming) are the most important factors in integrating corporate image.


As the business environment becomes more complicated, the importance of BI (brand logo) is more emphasized than CI. Strengthening the brand is friendly and easy to imprint on any market in the world, and contributes to product reliability by spreading brand awareness. In addition, in order for brand value

management to become important nowadays, it is necessary to establish value recognition for brand management first. Successful identities are the most effective means of adapting more flexibly to rapidly changing market environments and differentiating them from others, while at the same time making consumers feel valued and trusted. It's possible.

Development contents Item Development
Brand analysis and
strategy establishment
Customer needs analysis and market analysis · Investigate peer industry data
· Investigation and analysis of similar domestic and international cases
· Survey and analysis of brand status data
· Consumer Trent Survey and Analysis
 Strategy report through research and analysis
 Deriving the naming concept of a company
Brand naming development - Design development strategy
· Derive core image of design development
· Establish design strategy and presentation plan
- Basic design development
· Design motif collection
· Combination and expression of brand value
Design development based on diversification
 Typeface Font designation (Korean / English designation typeface)
 Logotype (Korean and English) Development (logo type according to Korean / English)
Brand Basic
Design Development
- Screening through design evaluation tool
- Simulation work in extracted candidates
- Final design selection report
· After security security pros and cons analysis and preference investigation process, final decision is made
· Development of basic design development and development of guideline for design basic
 Symbol mark or word mark (basic type, utility type)
 Signature(Korean, left and right combination, English left and right combination, top and bottom combination, signature block (address, telephone, etc.)
 Color System (Cast color, auxiliary color, spot color regulation)
 Graphic Motif (Basic type / utilization type, monochrome use regulation / color utilization)
 Pattern (Basic type / utility type, monochrome use regulation / color utilization)
Brand Application
Design Development
- Brand Visual Strategy and Development
  · Visual Motif Research
   · Brand graphic motif development
   · Text layout of graphic motif
- Application Design Development
  · Discussion and configuration of application design items
  · Development of application design item
- Create Brand Management Guidelines
  · Basic / Application of Graphic Design Create Guidelines
Stationary : Business card, stationery (online, printable), fax format, envelope (large / small), notebook
 Corporate Items : Proposal form, report form, payment document cover,
      Official letter (foreign official letter, business cooperation form) form, employee certificate, visit certificate
  Singe System : Sign of the building (outside the building), main sign, information (image), department sign, bulletin board sign
International trademark application - Confirm international trademark registration status
· Improved applicability of developed brand
 · Status of privatization emergence / Competition privatization
- International Trademark Application
· Trademark registration / management
 Protecting and ensuring brand rights with international trademark applications

Identity Design Work Process


· Diagnosis and analysis of companies and brands
· Market environment analysis
· Trend analysis
· Global trend analysis
· Analysis of current communication plans
· Interview with executives and staff


· Establishing an identity positioning strategy
· Identification of identity characteristics and core values
· Brand concept setting
· Brand portfolio / architecture benchmarking
· Brand portfolio And architecture design


· Establish naming development strategy
· Review of brand range possibilities
· Naming development
· Development of slogan
· Establish product naming system
· Establish strategy for BI design development
· Development of brand basic design
· Application design development
· Development of standardization management guide for BI
· Domestic and foreign trademark application and registration


· Development of communication system
· Derive the concept of communication
· Brand image delivery design
· Global media action plan design
· Development of communication program
· Catalog, Reputation, Homepage,
Online marketing package system, advertising


· Composition of brand management department
· Result maintenance
· Brand management support
· Conduct brand education



· Symbol mark or word mark (basic type, utility type)
· Signature (left / right, top / bottom combination, left / right, Top-bottom combination type, signature block (address, telephone combination, etc.))
· Color System (casting color, auxiliary color, spot color regulation)
· Graphic Motif (basic, application type, monochrome usage regulation / color utilization)
· Pattern (basic, application type, monochrome use regulation / color use)

· Brand Management Guide
· Design Management Guide

· Protecting and protecting brand rights with international trademark applications

· Stationary: business cards, stationery (online, printable), fax format,
Envelopes (Large, Small), Sticky Notes
· Corporate Items: cover letter, report form, payment document cover,
Memorandum (External Memorandum, Work Cooperation Form) Form, Employee Card, Visitation Card
· Sinage System: Point sign (building exterior wall), main sign,
Information (image), department sign, bulletin board sign

· Result Maintenance
· Brand management management support
· Conduct brand education